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Steel Fighter Club 2016


In the year 2030 the battles are decided by street fighting robots, consisting of a representative from each team in Steel Fighter Club 2, reflects the futuristic story that humans do not fight each other, feels like the metal is melted to stick with your brass knuckles, dodge your opponent and do not let them reach to avoid a KO.Download this free fighting game and demonstrates how you handle your fists of steel in an exciting fight, you feel like splashing oil from your opponent as they are very realistic these fights in boxing mode.
True champions are not born, they are forged in street fights, prove you're able to be champion of the galaxy, train your robot to do boxing world champion.
Game Features:
- Incredible 3D graphics.- Immersion in combat.- Sound HD.- 20 fighters.- 6 different scenarios.- Incredible combos.- Quick fight mode.- World Championship Mode.- Global Leaderboard.
You can not miss the fantastic free fighting game, choose your favorite character, including more than 20 robots, and compete in the fight, have fun, testing the skills of your boxing back of a giant steel shatters your opponents.
Show that you can fight with the same skill through your robotic avatar, fell 3D fighting robots, enjoy the graphics engine Steel Fighter Club 2, remember not rest until being world champion boxing street.
Play every day of your life Steel Fighter Club 2, as it is a game of free fight, without having to make any purchase within the application or pay anything, because this application is fully financed through ads on your inside.